One Day Workshop on Analytic and Enumerative Combinatorics

  • Description:

    Analytic and Enumerative Combinatorics are two closely related subareas of Combinatorics that share many common problems but pursue different goals (asymptotic solutions in the former and exact solutions in the latter). This workshop brings together national and international experts from both fields. The main aim of the workshop is to serve as a platform for presenting recent research trends and stimulating possible future joint research collaborations.
  • Fri., April 22, 2016
  • Room 223, Science Building I, National Chiao Tung University
  • Program:

    9:30-10:00: Registration

    10:00-10:10: Opening Remarks

    10:10-11:00: Helmut Prodinger (Stellenbosch University)
    Old and new results about the register function of binary trees and Batcher’s odd-even merge

    11:10-12:00: Sen-Peng Eu (National Taiwan Normal University)
    Toric g-polynomials of hook lattice matroid polytopes

    12:00-14:00: Lunch Break

    14:00-14:50: Hsien-Kuei Hwang (Academia Sinica)
    Limiting curves of Stirling ratios with applications

    15:00-15:50: Yeong-Nan Yeh (Academia Sinica)
    Some topics in enumerative combinatorics

    15:50-16:10: Tea Break

    16:10-17:00: Sara Kropf (Academia Sinica)
    Counting optimal digit representations and on-cells in cellular automata

    Organizer:Michael Fuchs (National Chiao Tung University)

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